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The Story

Anneli White Designs was built in the corner of my parents’ bedroom. I had been making art since I was old enough to hold a crayon, but in 2014, my greatest passion became a clear purpose. I was drawing and practicing hand-lettering all day everyday at my paint-covered craft desk in the corner of their room. I remember my extended family and friends being keenly interested in my hand-lettering and graphic artwork. They would ask for my art as a favor, a gift, or even offer to pay. I quickly realized people were deeply blessed by this thing that came so natural to me.

As an eleven year old, I started what was Anneli Inspired Art. I drew my designs on printer paper, asked my mom to scan them into her computer, and printed them on greeting cardsmy first-ever product. I took pictures of my cards on my iPod touch and posted them for sale on Instagram and Facebook. To my surprise, it wasn’t just my mom and grandma that appreciated my craft, but dozens of local ladies were interested. I sold cards and random prints for the first year or so until I saved up enough money to purchase some legit technology and printed products. 

In 2017, Anneli White Designs began. I was more serious this time. I had an iPad and my own debit cardI was pretty much unstoppable. I began to print white cotton T-shirts, still sold on social media, and slowly introduced stickers (a big hit!) and loads of other new products. I was doing custom and freelance work for local businesses, the Shelby County Fair Board, Shelby KY Tourism, and friends and family. I had my products selling on store shelves, too! (If you can’t tell, I come from the most supportive community in the world.) In 2018, I was a vendor at my first craft show, one I had shopped at since childhood, Trims & Whims. The show was more than a success. As I looked at my 5’x10’ booth packed with customers and a line still waiting to squeeze in, I knew something exciting was starting. 

Everything changed in 2019. I attended the Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs (GSE). I ramped up artisan shows. I printed my first color T-shirts. I began wholesale more seriously. I created all kinds of new products. And I started to refine my vision for what Anneli White Designs would become. During the summer, I received 240+ hours of collegiate level entrepreneurship training, learned from business owners and start ups from across the region, and gained a family of coaches and friends who believed in me at Kentucky’s prestigious business boot campGSE. It was there where my business dreams were confirmed and I began planning for my business’ future. I started working with new printers, businesses, and vendors to make this thing legit. I started to turn my new vision into reality. I ended my year in Waco, TX, planning and dreaming big, as Chip and Jo inspire us all to do.

God had a big calling on Anneli White Designs in 2020. I knew I was beginning to outgrow my Instagram shop, so the real work began. This new website and branding was designed for YOU. To reach you more effectively with designs that encourage. Who knows what the good Lord has planned for this business in years ahead. Whatever it isI’m ready for it, and I’m thankful you’re with me. Thanks for being here and shopping Anneli White Designs.